bible Character Puppets


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Most puppets are made with a stretchy material so it can be placed on an adult finger.  My granddaughter, Marita, said to me when she was only 3, “but grangran, these are too big for my fingers,” So I got busy making some itty-bitty ones (#10-13) you can see below, for those precious tiny tots. I’ve had school age children sit down during recess, play with all their fingers covered with puppets. They are so numbered so you can say “I want the 1A hair, the 1D dress and the 1E sandals and purple held material. I think you get the ‘picture’. You can specify any colored material and I will find it.

Any accessories like sandals, crown, staff, quiver and arrows, leather satchels, purses with mini-readable Bibles, cups, pitchers, bread, scrolls, altars are time consuming.  Add $.50 for each accessory if purchased separately from the carrying case.

Finger Puppets

to tell a Bible story? Why of course. What better way to capture the attention of busy little minds.

The finger puppets you see here, not including the ones with sandals, are $2.95 @.

Those with feet and sandals are $3.95 @. The tiny finger puppets cost $1.50 @.

A lady friend of mine told me these were so unique she was going to pin them on her shirt or jacket. Crowns, lambs, scrolls are interchangeable and can be removed. Not one is alike and if you see it here doesn’t mean it will be available when you order, but I will be able to figure out what you want for color of material, hair and hand position. Please specify how you want the hands; up, down, one up, one down, one across chest to hold something, both up. If this is important let me know.

The bow actually shoots the arrows

(take precaution when children are allowed to play with it.)

some of these accessories are included with the carrying case.

Separately they are $.25-$.50 @

The finger puppet carrying case opens to use for a story - $20.00

It includes 4 separate scenes (two that flip over), finger pupper boat, finger puppet whale, 3 crosses, finger puppet tree, 1 cloud with rain drops, 2 stone cut outs, 1 dove, 1 donkey, 1 distant city, 1 lightning rod, 1 rainbow, 1 altar, 10 itty bitty books that tell a Bible story.

The carrying case folds in half with velcro for closure

These animal finger puppets do not stretch, but will fit on an adult finger or pencil.

They are $1.95 @  Perhaps they are unidentifiable.

I will name them:  cow, pig, duck, lion, sheep, monkey, elephant, blue bird, chick.

Bible Character Hand Puppets

are available for Bible stories. Pictures of accessories like miniature purses, Bibles, babies, crowns, baskets, etc. will be added soon.

     A               B                  C                    D

       E                   F                 G                 H

        I                    J                    K                 L

     M                N                    O                    P

       Q                 R                   S                   T

       U                V                W                   X

     Y                     Z

These hand puppets are hand crafted. Faces are hand painted. Each has a leather bag which holds a miniature Bible. At the moment they are $10.00@ with the accessories. There is no such item elsewhere on the market yet that I know of. Add $2.00 for each carrying bag to put the puppet into (Z)

Order now for the low price of $10.00@


Tiny 2 inch finger puppets for $1.50@

1-9 are 3-4 inches high- $2.95@

How the finger puppets can be used in a Bible story