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A Study guide in different colors - this study guide was a must for me, because I wanted Bible texts at my fingertips when someone asked me a question concerning a specific topic. I’ve had many people comment on how handy it is and made a donation toward our Destination Heaven Ministries so they could have more copies for friends and relatives. I realize it is in very small print, but it is the way I can fit numerous texts under one topic. This study guide has 12 pages. 3 full sheets folded in half and printing on all sides, which makes 12 half pages. It has the title page, history & content page, introduction page, 9 pages of texts with phrases, one page of promises & the back page has prophetic terms and texts. The pictures below show only a portion of the guide.

This is not a set, but a guide on parchment & regular papers.

I have a variety of papers and colors to choose from and may be printed on the following colors.

Repeating myself here in case I wasn’t clear in the above explanation. There is the cover page, inside the cover page I’ve listed all the books, time frame they were written, by whom and what the book is about. The introduction is a letter Paul wrote to the Christians in Romans 1&2. The first page has the first 4 topics, under each topic are texts in consecutive order with a brief statement as to what the text is about. There are 9 pages of texts & phrases under the corresponding 19 titles. Inside the back page is a list of Bible promises to claim. The outside back page has a list of prophetic symbols, their meanings, and the texts of where to find that information.

Parchment - white, tan, green, blue, and natural (shown above).

Regular Paper - tan, white, lilac, Dk. blue, Lt. blue, green, yellow, gold, peach, Lt. pink, Dk. pink(red)

Be sure to state your color preference

You may send a donation of $5.00 per Bible guide which covers shipping & handling.

This price excludes out of U.S. ordering. Prices for multiple copies are shown below

The following is a donation breakdown for ordering the Bible Study Guides

1 Guide $5.00     2 Guides  $4.50 @    3-10 Guides  $4.00@    11-30 Guides  $3.00@

Send donations and order information to the below address or e-mail me

Lee Wenzel

313 N. Gardner St.

West Frankfort, IL 62896

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Don’t confuse Brenda Walsh’s Promise and Prayer book on her web site with what you see here. This is an independent ministry of Len and Lee (Leona Ondrejka Boreen) Wenzel. Brenda, being very enthused about this Bible study guide, has been kind enough to put a link on her web site  to get to our web site.


                           with 19 topics, that fits inside your Bible


These bookmarks are such a great witnessing tool. After reading Deuteronomy 6:5-9 and heard Pastor Dwight Nelson’s sermon on “Significance of Blue”, I knew I had to make this available.

On one side is written the 10 commandments. The reverse side has 10 Bible texts stating the significance of blue and how important the commandments were to Jesus.

The 10 texts are: Ez. 1:26, Ex. 24:10, Ex. 28:31, Num. 15:38-40, Deut. 5, 6:5-9, Matt. 5:18, Matt. 9:20, Matt. 14:35-36, & Rev. 22:14.

Suggested donation for one laminated on parchment with a blue ribbon is  $1.00@.

Any bookmark without lamination or ribbon is $.25@ on blue parchment.

If you want a master of the 10 commandment bookmark for making copies (there are 4 bookmarks per sheet, send $2.00 a sheet (2 sheets) For a master of both sides add $2.00 for s/h of the masters. Total of $6.00 for the master of 10 commandment bookmarks.

You can request to have your own address, your churches address or business on the bottom instead of mine.

Send donations to: Lee Wenzel, 313 North Gardner Street, West Frankfort, IL  62896 or oder below.