health quiz


1. Red meats, fish, & chicken are safer to eat now then they were 100 years ago.

    True or False

2. What did God give the first humans, fowl, and beasts to eat before sin entered the world?

  1. A.animals & fish  B. vegetables

C. every green herb  D. they didn’t have to eat.

3. In what book of the Bible does it explain clean meats vs. unclean meats and that no blood or fat is to be eaten of any meat?

  1. A.Genesis  B. Leviticus

C. Psalms  D. no such book

4. Vitamin E is essential because it...

  1. A.dissolves fibrin  B. red blood cell health

  2. C.found in dark green leafy greens, whole grains, peanuts

D. lost in cereal making  E. all

5. Pure water is important in keeping our bodies running smoothly, arteries flexible, skin moist, ridding waste, blood supply up, and minds alert.

What water is considered pure?

  1. A.mountain spring  B. country well water

C. reverse osmosis & distilled  D. tap

6. Rough bumpy skin is probably the most obvious sign of Vitamin A deficiency.

What is your best source of Vitamin A?

  1. A.animal liver  B. dark greens & dark orange foods  C. coffee

7. Lack of Vitamin B can cause numerous problems. What are the best sources?

  1. A.McDonald burger & fries

  2. B. whole grains & nutritional yeast

  3. C. water

  4. D. sunlight

8. Dust in the air carries germs. Enclosed buildings harbor molds and fungi. Which one has the most dangerous side effects when killing these microorganisms?

A fresh air & exercise  B. electronic air purifiers  C. prescribed medications  D. pure water

9. It is known that 5-15 minute exposure to natural sunlight affects our moods, but also...

  1. A.increased white blood cells

  2. B.adds negative charged ions to air which lowers blood pressure & respiration rate

  3. C.our best source of vitamin D

E. all

10. Activated carbon (charcoal) is used in hospitals & poison control centers to rid the body of drug overdose & poison ingestion. What other uses does charcoal have?

  1. A.relieves stomach indigestion & diarrhea

  2. B.pulls out bacteria from infected areas

  3. C.rids mouth of gum disease, plaque & tarter

  4. D.a fresh vegetable & fruit soak

  5. E.getting rid of pesticides, human contamination, & parasites

F. all

11. Silicon is added to commercial salts to keep them free flowing. That and synthetic iodine can contribute to many other diseases.

    True or False

12. Natural progesterone hormones placed on the skin can be absorbed into the blood stream and held in the fat tissues until needed. They also... A. balance progesterone with estrogen

  1. B.reverses osteoporosis

C. reverses fibroids caused by too much estrogen

  1. D.keeps moods swings in check

  2. E.relieves headaches due to hormone imbalance

  3. F.all

13. Serotonin, a brain transmitter is greatly affected by...

  1. A.stress  B. diet  C. light in room when sleeping

D. drugs  E. all

14. Exercise is beneficial for...

  1. A.oxygenating cells

  2. B.increasing calcium absorption

  3. C.strengthening the heart

  4. D.fighting cancer

  5. E.all

ANSWERS  1.F  2.C  3.B  4.E  5.C  6.B  7.B  8.C  9.E  10.F  11.T  12.F  13.E  14.E

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