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Lee, with her only granddaughter,


There are 5 grandsons

Myles, Marques,Maezo

Jt. & Ben

Go forward with caution - There are life changing ideas ahead

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Lee has: lived long enough to see her grandchildren, all six of them.

    She has been blessed with a Christian husband, who has stuck with

       her for over 26 years. (since 1988)

    She has given her heart to God and has finally given up on rebellion.

    She graduated with honors from UW-SP (University of Wisconsin-  

       Stevens Point) with a B.S. in Education. If she can do it, so can you!

    She finally turned off the TV and dug into the Word of God, where

       all the wisdom of the world originated and can’t compare.

    She has a thirst for knowledge. Especially for things pertaining to

       God’s creations. We enjoy David Attenborough’s nature, but not the  

       evolution part of it.

    She has a longing for those she loves and cares for, to be in heaven.

About Myself


Email: lwenzel7@gmail.com


Books: Bible, Christ’s Object Lessons, Adventist Home, Steps to Christ, Chicken Soup books

Food: butter cup squash, fresh raw peas, mashed potatoes and gravy, Pizza, pies, cakes, cookies fudge, fish, soups

Travel Desinations: to visit kids and grandkids, to see the bald eagles, where ever they are, with my husband, who likes to drive and I like to ride.

Favorite form of exercise: in the water

Favorite past time: reading, fishing, sewing, making mini Bibles 1”x1” to hand out and riding around while my husband drives, watching funny movies or reading humorous stories, laughing at funny commercials like the deer with night goggles saying to the lion, “We can see you Carl, we can totally see you.” and favorite quips from the movie “Night At The Museum 2”.  But my all time favorite is the Jesus film with Brian Deacon as Jesus. Peter tells Jesus to send the people home so they can eat. Jesus tells Peter, “You feed them.” lol And then Jesus blesses the two fish and 5 loaves & feeds 5000 people +.

I’ve picked up on a new project. I now make potholders out of velvet, angora, fleece. Some look like birds, fish and animals. For pictures go to my facebook page- LeonaOndrejkaWenzel