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About Myself


Email: l.wenzel@mchsi.com


Books: Bible, Christ’s Object Lessons, Adventist Home, Steps to Christ, Chicken Soup books

Food: butter cup squash, fresh raw peas, mashed potatoes and gravy, Pizza, pies, cakes, cookies

fudge, fish, soups,

Travel Desinations: to visit kids and grandkids, to see the bald eagles, where ever they are

Favorite form of exercise: in the water

Favorite past time: reading, sewing, making mini Bibles 1”x1” to hand out and riding around while my husband drives, watching or reading humorous stories. Having movie night with the Polings.



Go forward with caution - There are life changing ideas ahead

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Lee has: lived long enough to see her grandchildren, all six of them.

    She has been blessed with a Christian husband, who has stuck with

    her for over 23 years. (since 1988)

    She has given her heart to God and has finally given up on rebellion.

    She graduated with honors from UW-SP when another university

    told her she was not college material with only a 3rd. grade

    vocabulary. If she can do it, so can you!

    She finally turned off the TV and dug into the Word of God, where

    all the wisdom of the world originated and can’t compare.

    She has a thirst for knowledge and especially for things pertaining to

    eternal life.

    She has a longing for those she loves and cares for to be in heaven also.