Microscope Movies


Invisible to the naked eye, but very much alive and unique are these microscopic creatures we filmed through the eyepiece of our microscope. Take a look,  as some of these seem to be enjoying a spin or a back scratch, while others do amazing stretches and then there are the spastics and slow moving sneaks. All found in a drop of water.

Philodina rotifer dislikes having these algae take a spin on a swirl they make with their cilia. Algae having fun? How can that be?

A Volvox with numerous egg cells

How do you explain this one? A long neck monster or is this a Lacrymaria?

This amoeba lurks in water-drenched grasses. Has been known to cause severe illness in humans and does devour any vegetation that comes within reach, hiding itself in debris.

Phacotus or clam shrimp, I don’t know!

                      You tell me

And while you’re at it, find me a name for 

                            this one

I like this guy. Simply amazes me. Tell me where you lurk, my friend. So I can find you again.

There’s no mistaking it, this one is getting a back scratch. Are you a Loxophyllum?

I have no love for this one. A Round worm that survives all but a dose of iodine.

Equally as dangerous is this Chaos amoeba with its slow moving tentacles, devouring everything in its path.

A Didinium  or some kind of rotifer? I like your hula skirt.

I brought you back so I could watch you again. I’m intrigued by your ability to stretch without changing shape!

I’m not sure about you fella, are you a Testudinella?  Come forward with the truth!

Could there be a Stentor, Philodina and Synedra in this drop of water, plus algae and others I can’t identify? YUP!