Itty-Bitty BOOKS


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ALL TEN  -  These itty-bitty 12 page booklets were designed and priced so you can share them with children at a garage sale, while shopping or taking a walk. These short stories can be read to a child as they sit in a waiting room or hospital. They are small enough for you to carry many of them in your purse or pocket. I’ve had one mother tell me she and her children go door-to-door and hand out these booklets  to the neighborhood.   Use your imagination!

You may order a title of choice (with insert - not bagged)

or all 10 booklets for $.30 a book.

10 individually bagged booklets + inserts    $3.00 plus s/h

Each booklet & insert in it’s own zip lock baggie is $.35 @  

4 Booklets shown with inserts on right - Each itty-bitty booklet comes with a 8 page mini blank booklet so a child can illustrate and write their own story.

These American made booklets are printed, cut, stapled, folded and placed in zip lock baggies. For $15.00 you can order the 10 masters of each booklet. There are two identical booklets per page when printed on  front and back. Plus the two blank booklets to be inserted in the booklet. Cut, staple, fold

and bag at your own time and expense.

PUPPETS for Itty-Bitty BOOKS

Finger puppets provide visualization techniques, continuous concentration for the smallest of toddlers, and implants stories into the memory.

I have made these puppets to fit my little finger, therfore it fits a little childs pointer finger. These can be ordered separately from the booklets. Each puppet is $1.95

With “Jesus Dies for Our Sins” booklet there are 3 finger puppets. Jesus fits on the cross, can be laid in a tomb, and placed on a finger or pencil to be risen or laid in the tomb. 3 visuals for $6.00

Jesus Birth Booklet - The story of Jesus is one of awe! Mary being blest to give birth to  Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus resisting satan’s temptations as we would need to do. Depending on His father’s leading as we also have to do.

Then Jesus feeling the separation from His father and experiencing the agony of the cross. Remember, He did not die from the beatings, but of a broken heart.

Joseph Booklet - The story of Joseph tells about how God used a bad situation and turned it into a good one. How people or siblings can laugh at you, but God can make it turn out for His glory.

Finger puppet with stretchy material  $1.95

Stretchy material allows the adult to place the angel on their little finger. $1.95

Joseph & Mary/baby puppets available upon request. $1.95 @

‘God’s Voice in the Stars’ booklet - There is a felt star with red on one side naming red stars, and the other side is blue, naming blue stars, with an opening where a pencil can be inserted, plus a glow-in-the-dark star or stars. This book tells about the summer and winter constellations and the planets. It gives the name of some stars and their meanings.

$1.95 for these visuals.

Moses booklet - 2 finger puppets - One is a basket. If you so choose you can place on your or your child’s finger, slits for eyes and a dot for the mouth. Placing the finger inside the basket makes it appear as a baby is there sleeping. The Moses story is about how God protected a little baby from death and leads him to do something for the Lord. God will not fail us. He will deliver us from any situation. We need to trust in Him and pray for His help. The adult Moses puppet fits on a pencil or small finger.

$1.95 for Moses puppet.  $3.00 for Moses and basket.

‘Jesus Calms the Storm’ booklet - This boat puppet is unique if you choose to place on your little finger some eye, mouth, beard and hair for Jesus. You can make your finger appear to be a sleeping Jesus in the boat and rocking the boat as in the story. Then when Jesus calms the sea, have Him stand up by straightening your finger. This book is about trusting in Jesus and not being afraid. $1.95 for the boat puppet.

Jonah booklet - The puppet whale has a slit in the bottom so you can make a stick man on your little finger about 1/2 inch long, then place your finger inside the whale so you can see the stick man going inside the whale. Size comparison is pretty equal to actual size and can give an accurate perspective of the size of a whale eating a man. When the story tells about the whale spitting Jonah out, you can make your finger stick man run if you placed the stick man’s legs toward the tip of your finger. The story about Jonah is on obedience. We can’t hide from God. Obey God even when we don’t want to and trust God to see us through the situation.

I’ve had such fun with these. Many children I’ve come across said they have never heard these Bible stories. Isn’t this a great way to tell a story and plant a picture permanently into their little minds. All 10 visuals are $18.00. Add $5.00 for s/h unless ordering other materials from this web site which could change s/h amounts.

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