We are now halfway through the 12 “Signs” of the zodiac. You may have noticed, in most instances, we only briefly described individual constellations naming the particular sign itself.

Since there are 48 constellations it is difficult to examine each one in detail. What I have been trying to portray is a picture story that God himself revealed from the beginning.

The picture of a son being born of a virgin in Virgo, to the struggle of a mighty one with a serpent, while Himself being bruised in the heel, in Scorpio, on to a victory over the evil one in Sagittarius and the sacrifice in Capricornus. then finally concluding with the blessing of the pouring out of the living water of life in Aquarius.

In the remaining 6 “Signs”, which we will cover in the months ahead, we will see some reinforcement of previous representations, along with new revelations, and the final triumph of the symbol of Jesus Himself in the constellation Leo.

It will be evident God was revealing the entire story of salvation in the stars to our ancestors long before the original meanings were corrupted by man.

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