Scorpio, representing a huge scorpion, is trying to sting the heel of a mighty man Ophiuchus. While Scorpio is wrestling with a great snake, Serpens, the scorpion is being crushed by the other foot.

God continues His story in the heavens of predicting the coming of Christ, who was to bruise the serpent’s head while He Himself is bruised in the heel.  (Genesis 3:15)


Scorpio, meaning “the enemy wounding Him”, or “the mortal conflict”, is one of the most visible signs in the zodiac.

Here the strife, we briefly touched on in Libra, is dramatically revealed in Scorpio.

The bright star Antares, meaning “the wounding” and Lesath, meaning “the perverse” are rightfully named because of their purpose to destroy the seed of the woman as mentioned in Virgo.

Looking to the head of Ophiuchus the theme of this entire conflict continues with the star in his head Rasalhagus meaning “the head of Him who holds” and Siaf, in his foot means “bruised”.

Unuk, the brightest star in Serpens means “encompassing” while Cheleb in the head of Serpens means “the serpent enfolding”.

How clear is the depiction of the struggle between Ophiuchus, the mighty one, or Christ, and Serpen, the devil.

Also, within each “sign”, there are three symbols called “decans”. In Scorpio, the one we did not mention is Hercules.

Hercules means “the strong one” or
“mighty one”.

The prophecies mentioned in Genesis 3:15, Psalm 91:13 and Isaiah 53, accounting of the conflict, are being fulfilled before our eyes. So is it any wonder why satan has attempted to pervert the “true”meaning of the stars over the millennia.

In our next sign we see “the victorious redeemer” revealed in Sagittarius. It is portrayed here as a centaur shooting an arrow at the heart of Scorpio or the star Antares. When viewing Sagittarius and Scorpio in mid summer it is easy to see this scene being performed.

In different languages the name Sagittarius has multiple meanings. “The archer”, “the arrow”, “beauty coming forth” are just a few.

Quoting from the book, “God’s Voice in the Stars”, we have a clear understanding of the meaning and significance of the Sagittarius constellation.

“The theme of the prophetic message of Sagittarius is written in Psalm 45, which also speaks of Christ. As the Gracious One, Christ is seen in verse 2; ‘Grace is poured into Thy lips; therefore God hath blessed Thee forever.’

As the Prince who comes forth, He is seen in verse 4; ‘And in Thy majesty ride prosperously because of truth. As the divine person who is noble and righteousness,’ As the great Archer in verse 5; ‘Thine arrows are sharp in the heart of the King’s enemies.’ As the Prince of the earth, in verse 6; ‘Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever; the scepter of Thy kingdom is a right scepter.’”

There are other names of stars in this sign, even though lost, fit the general meaning of the story portrayed.

Naim, “the gracious”

Al Shaula, “the dart”

Al Warida, “who comes forth”

Other constellations in the sign of Sagittarius are: Draco, Lyra and Ara.

Draco, meaning “Satan cast down in defeat”

Lyro, meaning “praise for the victorious redeemer”

Ara, meaning “judgment prepared for the devil and his angels”

As we consider texts as Psalm 91:13, Isaiah 24:1, Revelation 6:2, we can rejoice in the victory of our redeemer. We can see His purpose is fulfilled by over powering the enemy, the devil, and supplying the way to salvation for all.