Credit All Graphics: from the book “God’s Voice in the Stars”

The brightest star, Spica, easily seen in the night sky in the spring of the year, means “the branch”.

Thus connecting the seed of the woman and the prophecies concerning the branch which is Jesus Christ.

Read Genesis 3:15

Subilon, meaning “ear of wheat”, pictured here in her right hand is associated with John 12:24 where Christ referred to himself, which as the corn or wheat would fall into the ground and die, in order to bring forth fruit.

Moving from head to thigh, we come to the star Vindemiatrix, meaning “the son who comes” or “the branch who comes”.

Also, within each “sign”, there are three other symbols called “decans”.

In Virgo, those decans are... Coma (the desired), Centaurus (the despised)

and Bootes (the coming shepherd).

If we had time to examine each one, we would see the prophecy of Jesus’ birth further amplified in greater detail.

We have considered just 4 stars in the sign of Virgo. We can see the virgin would have a son,

being called “the branch”. He would appear in human form, the child of a virgin.

It is easy to see the beginning point of the gospel with the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Virgo is represented here by the symbol of a woman holding an ear of wheat in one hand and a branch in the other.

Virgo means “The Woman with the Seed”

In the head of Virgo, the star Zavijava is alluded to in Isaiah 4:2, where it says that the branch of the Lord will be glorious and beautiful.

Zavijava”s spiritual meaning is, “glorious and beautiful”.

The final star is Zuben Akrabi, which means “the Price of the Conflict”.

This reminds us of the conflict that took place, being the cross and the great price that was paid.

Libra, meaning “The Blood of Christ - the Price which Covers” is our next sign.

It isn’t particularly a bright sign in the sky with only a few significant but meaningful stars.

It is portrayed as “scales or balances”. We read in Daniel 5:27, “Thou art weighed in the balances and are found wanting”. This refers to Belshazzar where he failed to fulfill the righteous demands of God to cover his own sin.

The brightest star of the three identified is Zuben Al Genubi, which means “the Price which is Deficient”. This probably refers to man and his feeble attempt to pay for his own salvation.

Zuben Al Chemali, our next star, means “the Price which Covers”. Obviously this alludes to Christ Himself and the price He paid.

1 Peter 1:18 & 19 and Revelation 5:9 speak of Christ being the price that covered and redeemed us to God by His blood.

The 3 other symbols called “decans” in Libra are:

Crux (Christ cut off in death), Lupus (Christ the victim slain), and Corona (Crown for the worthy redeemer).

Libra, with its symbolic scales, points to Christ, the seed of the woman which balanced the scales through His conflict and sacrifice in our behalf.

I would again recommend Kenneth C. Fleming’s book,

“God’s Voice in the Stars” for additional study and clarification.